Since 1980, the MSOE SWE Collegiate Section has provided a SUPPORT NETWORK for women in engineering fields, enhanced professionalism among its members, and actively ADVOCATED STEM-related fields to the younger generation.

Professional Involvement

MSOE SWE strives to collaborate with local and regional company as well to give our members a wide variety of opportunities to speak to potential employers through our Resume workshops, Internship or Graduate panel, and our Head Shot Day. 

Whether you are Mechanical Engineering or a Biomedical Engineer major, MSOE SWE has connections for you to get your dream job. 

One of MSOE SWE’s annual professional/fundraising events is our Career Fair Networking Dinner during our annual MSOE Career Fair in September. This event gives students and company representatives a chance to sit down and have a conversation over a catered meal. Each year we have anywhere from 12-15 companies at the dinner with more than 50 students attending.

SWE’s Regional and National Conferences are also a major draw for collegiate members because you join the thousands of women from around the world at Society Conference and meet people that have Aspire, Advanced and Achieve extraordinary things in their careers. Also, you meet other collegiate from around the country that are similar to you. 

Outreach Programs

One of the largest part of MSOE SWE is advocating STEM-related fields to the younger generation. It is immensely important to us that we show young children that a career in STEM is possible and successful. MSOE SWE works with all school levels to be mentors and examples of what an engineer can be. 

Our bi-annual SWE Senior Sleepover allows high school seniors to explore college life through shadowing SWE members’ classes, stay over night in the dorms, and having discussions with SWE members that have been in their same situation. 

Hands-on Future is our most popular event for all ages. It is a free hands-on exploration of all engineering disciplines, featuring three activities hosted by MSOE professors and an Engineering Olympics Challenge.

MSOE SWE is also responsible for six active SWENext Clubs in the Milwaukee area as well as in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. SWENext Clubs are a way for students under 18 to get involved with the SWE engineering community. See more here

Social Engagement

MSOE SWE’s promise is to create a support network among its members by hosting fun, sociable events that cultivate a sense of camaraderie. 

This network of people including current student as well as SWE alumni become life long friends that support your career and life goals and are always there to lend a helping hand. 

SWE is continually finding new ways to engage our local community and have a rotation of social events that come and go based on interest. These events include apple picking, SWE and the Arts, Harry Potter Marathon, Tie-dying Making, and Hot Coco and Chill. 

However, an annual event we do each year is our game night. What use to be our All About SWii Night has now transitioned to our Nintendo SWEitch Night. Nintendo Switch Night is the first chance in the fall for new member to meet returning members of MSOE SWE. Also, it is a chance to become a national member and put your hand-print on our on-going MSOE SWE banner. 

MSOE SWE makes our general meeting fun as well by doing give-aways at the end of the quarter as well as as a relax/wellness meeting every meeting before finals.